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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Potomac Overlook Improvement Plan 2.0

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Rock Wall, Zip Line Removed from Potomac Overlook Plan

by | March 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm | 553 views | 16 Comments and 1 Reaction
Treetop shelter similar to one proposed for Potomac Overlook Regional Park (photo via NVRPA)An ambitious plan to add amenities to Potomac Overlook Regional Park (2845 N Marcey Road) has been scaled back as a result of negative feedback from residents.
The Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority has released a “Version 2.0” of its Potomac Overlook improvement plan. Officials say they made changes to the plan after receiving concerns and criticism at a community meeting last week and in the 46 Comments and 4 Reactions of an article.
Site plan for Potomac Regional Overlook ParkThe new plan removes a proposed zip line, rock wall and paved parking lot from “near-term consideration.” It also establishes a “Natural Resources Advisory Committee” to study some elements of the original plan prior to any implementation. Plan elements selected for further study are the signature “tree house overlook,” a small urban farm, and any removal of healthy trees.
Elements of the plan that the park authority intends to move forward with over the next few years include:
  • New programming and interpretive signage
  • Tearing down an aging performance stage and replacing it with a new stage/shelter
  • Renovating the Bird of Prey structure
  • New kiosk/signage at park entrance
  • New scout camping area near a fire circle in the back of the park
  • Historic Donaldson barn site interpretation
  • Adding more wood chips to trails
“We are calling this Potomac Overlook Improvement Plan Version 2.0, and I think it will please many who have shared their views with us,” said Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority Executive Director Paul Gilbert.

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