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Mission, Goals and Objectives

I believe that we should understand 
our place in our regional ecosystems 
and communities, as well as pledge 
our allegiance to the earth as a whole.
Michelle Gardner-Quinn

Michelle's Earth Foundation Mission

MEF's mission is to facilitate the role of the community, especially youth, girls, and minorities, in community level efforts towards creating a healthy, sustainable habitat for humans and nature.

MEF's Goals and Objectives are to:

  1. Advance environmental education for young people through outreach programs within the schools and other community focal points;
  2. Bring environmental accessibility to individuals and families through “home conservation” projects that can be adapted for urban and rural households;
  3. Develop a widespread environmental community stewardship program that will use the energy of our community’s youth for preservation, restoration, and conservation endeavors; and
  4. Create alliances with other environmental groups in the United States and abroad for exchange of information and joint sponsorship of programs.